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Purple Skies

Who Poo®

Welcome to the world of tracking, identification and exploration with Who Poo®
Who are we

Thousands of photos uploaded, will yours feature next? 

Our Story

Who Poo® was brainstormed for people who are more than a social media profile. People who go outside and enjoy nature. People who are a small part of the wild world around them.

Our Vision

Who Poo® is a community of readers, travelers and explorers. Download Who Poo® today to check it out! Please note: any uploads to the app will be reviewed before adding to the encyclopedia. 


Written and established by an American, developed by a European team using cutting edge platforms, Who Poo® is available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play store.

How it works



Who Poo® includes a built-in filter, the circular purple button in the Library tab, where users can input scat and track dimensions to find the closest animal nearby matching those characteristics.  


Who Poo® is an interactive encyclopedia with statistics on wild animals nearby, animal poo, animal tracks and more. 

How it works

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Animal poo identification


Wildlife tracking


          WhoPoo Now Offers Expert Scat Identification                                                                  $10 / Photo
                                       Email Us To Learn More  


Who Poo

Who Poo

Who Poo

Who Poo

Who Poo

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